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You deserve to thrive, not just survive.

Claudia is passionate about empowering women and men to discover their unique path to mind & body wellness. As a health coach, my job is to help you create behavior change that supports your health & wellness. I will help you reconnect with your body and close the dots between your lifestyle and your health.

Health and wellness coach in London

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Meet Claudia

Claudia is a health coach, Pilates teacher and wellness expert. She helps clients reconnect with their bodies and move on from emotional eating and yo-yo dieting to a more intuitive and balanced relationship with food. With an integrated and lifestyle medicine model approach, she will help you find your balance on and off the plate, and close the dots between your lifestyle choices and your health. A graduate and Ambassador for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she holds a further qualification in Emotional & Binge Eating. In the past few years, she has helped many clients achieve a healthier and happier version of themselves and has collaborated as an expert with many wellness & lifestyle publications all over the world.

Let’s Work Together

Mindful Movement

I can help you improve your mind-body wellness through restorative exercises, mindful movement and Pilates-based classes.

Health Coaching

I can work with helping you achieve your health and health & wellness goals with one-to-one health coaching sessions.

Online Courses

Learn with me with online course coming soon.

what they’re saying

Clare, Richmond, London

As a 55 years old woman, I thought I would never lose the weight and brain fog I gained with menopause. But with Claudia’s gentle coaching and guidance, I now feel transformed. I lost quite a bit of weight but I gained energy and vitality. I feel so much better about myself, that I have now gone back to full-time work.

Mica, Wimbledon, London

Claudia is a very professional coach. She has combined my personal strengths and weaknesses in order to find a Pilates regime and healthy diet that suits my lifestyle which I have found really helpful. After having a baby, I found it really hard to get back into shape and restore my core strength, but after the sessions with Claudia I found that my well-being has improved significantly.”


Sarah, Wandsworth

Claudia is immensely professional and my one-to-ones with her have been transformative

Kumsal, South Kensington, London

What sets Claudia apart is that she pays tons of attention to how your body works, where you need the most help, and she develops you in those areas. I used to have pain in the lower back all the time and now it never happens.

Leslie, Putney, London

Claudia has a great deal of experience and combines rigour, encouragement and a happy, calm atmosphere which I would highly recommend.

Sarah, Wandsworth, London

Claudia is immensely professional and my one-to-ones with her have been transformative.

Angela, Pimlico, London

I have been training with Claudia for 7 months and I am amazed at how quickly my fitness has improved.

Maryam, Knightbridge, London

Thanks to Claudia I am now much stronger, more flexible and much less in physical pain.

Barbara, Bayswater, London

I have lost two inches around my waist, I walk taller and my body definition and posture have improved considerably. The recipes were delicious.

Mica, Wimbledon, London

Claudia has helped me find a Pilates regime and healthy diet that suits my lifestyle which I have found really helpful. After the sessions with Claudia I found that my wellbeing has improved significantly.

Angela, Pimlico, London

I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone from a novice to an experienced Pilates enthusiast.

Cher, Bayswater, London

I have been practicing Pilates with Claudia since 6 months after I gave birth. My body has had a total transformation.

C, Richmond

As an emotional eater and someone who has struggled with addiction in the past, I have always been very anxious about starting a diet. But with her wonderful patience, Claudia has shown me how to eat healthily, with a few simple changes.

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